NAF® S 227

NAF® S 227 is a UL Recognized and US EPA SNAP Listed gaseous extinguishing agent. NAF® S 227 Engineered Systems are UL Listed.

NAF® S 227 is suitable for use in rooms, vaults, enclosed machines, containers, storage areas and wherever fixed enclosures are present. It is an electrically non-conductive media, it can therefore be used to protect electronic and delicate equipment. After discharge NAF® S 227 does not require the clean-up of the protected enclosure, making it extremely useful in applications where damages by other extinguishing methods would be prohibitive.

NAF® S 227 has a low order of toxicity. At typical design concentrations it can be safely used to protect normally occupied areas.

Its formulation includes a patented additive that reduces the levels of decomposition by-products normally generated by halocarbons during extinguishment and enhances extinguishing performance (inter alia US Patent No. 6,402,975 and EU Patent No. 630,278).

Physical Properties 



Composition HFC-227ea + 0.15% of Limonene
 Molecular weight  170.0
 Boiling point @ 1.013 bar -16.4°C 
 Density of the liquid @ 25°C 1407 kg/m³
 Critical temperature 374.85 K
 Critical pressure 2912 kPa
 Vapor pressure @ 20°C 3.91 bar 
 Relative elettrical resistance @ 1 atm. 21°C (N2=1.0)  2.0 
NFPA 2001 Edition 2012  
Design concentration for Class A Fires  6.6% (by volume)
Flooding factor for Class A Fires  0.516 kg/m³
Design concentration for Class C Fires  7.0% (by volume)
Flooding factor for Class C Fires  0.550 kg/m³
ISO 14520 Edition 2006  
Design concentration for Class A/C Fires  7.9% (by volume)
Flooding factor for Class A/C Fires 0.626 kg/m³
PBPK (5 minutes exposure)  10.5% 
Ozone DeplEtion Potential (ODP) 0
Global Warming potential (GWP) 2900