Fire Test Center

Safety Hi-Tech® operates a state of the art fire test center at our Avezzano, Italy facility. This test facility has enabled us to develop our full range of fire extinguishing agents and systems and to continuously investigate new agents and technologies. Our fire test facility is also used for customer demonstration and specific application fire testing. All of our products testing results have been independently verified by internationally recognized testing and approval agencies.

Clean Agents Reclamation

A key element of the responsible use and stewardship of Clean Agents is the recovery, recycling and reclamation of used substances so that they can be reprocessed for further commercial use or destroyed. Halon, HCFCs and HFCs can all be recovered, recycled and reclaimed from fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers. Safety Hi-Tech® is authorized to collect, transport, stock, recover, recycle and reclaim used Clean Agents (including Halon) and is able to verify and certify the specification requirements of extinguishing agents required by NFPA 2001

Halon Decommissioning

The scientific community has ascertained that a significant contribution to the destruction of the ozone layer is caused by the use and release of Halons. Safety Hi-Tech srl is recognized by United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) to collect, transport, stock, recover, ,recycle and reclaim used Halon. More than 2 million lb. of Halon has been safely decommissioned by Safety Hi-Tech and 40% of the stock has been destroyed. Safety Hi-Tech USA’s Halon reclaim program includes recovery and recycling of your existing Halons safely while also providing you with a monetary valve for your reclaimed Halon agents.
In addition to our Halon reclaim program our Praetorian™ NAF S 125™ system is ideal for drop-in halon 1301 replacement. By combining NAF S 125™ agent, which requires 20% less agent than most other Halon replacements, along with a higher system pressure Safety Hi-Tech USA is able to reuse most Halon pipe network changing only the system hardware and leaving the piping network intact.

Technical Support

Don’t know which system is right for your application, or need help designing the most cost effective system possible? Our fully trained engineers will help conduct a hazard analysis, make recommendations on systems for your specific application and help design the system and piping network, all in accordance with our product listings and NFPA 2001 requirements.