Data Center

Your business data is critical, and as today’s server facility become more sophisticated and store even more data than ever before it is critical that you protect that data from fire. Not only is data loss unacceptable, so is downtime and our NAF® fire extinguishing systems are designed to ensure maximum up-time and eliminate post discharge clean up. If business continuity is important to you, rely on Safety Hi-Tech NAF fire extinguishing systems for maximum protection and peace of mind.

Control room 

Your control is the heart of your industrial processes, and it’s vital that you protect both your people and your assets to ensure smooth business operation. With densely packed electronics and panels the risk of fire is real, and ensuring continued operations in your facility is important. Our NAF® fire extinguishing systems are approved for use in occupied spaces by the US EPA and provide a safe working environment for your staff while providing you maximum protection for your facility.

Museums/historic sites

Preserving our history for the generations to come is the goal of museums and cultural societies worldwide. Fire can destroy irreplaceable artifacts in a matter of minutes, or cause significant damage requiring expensive restoration. Our NAF® fire extinguishing systems are designed to be unobtrusive in historic settings, museums and galleries while providing rapid response to fire. Our patented agents (NAF S 125® and NAF S 227®) are proven to generate the lowest levels of decomposition products, and our increased design safety factors ensure post discharge clean is minimal and our history is preserved for prosperity.

Offshore platforms

The harshest conditions exist in offshore platform environments; sea, salt and remoteness. The threat of fire is real, high temperatures, flammable fuels and continual operation. Protecting your personnel and property is not an option, its mandatory. Our NAF® fire extinguishing systems are engineered to withstand these environments while providing 24/7 protection.

Gas turbines

Power needs for today’s society continue to increase, and increase demand requires increased uptimes for turbines and other power generation equipment. The challenging environment of a gas turbine requires robust protection and our NAF® fire extinguishing systems are up to the task. They are designed for harsh conditions and rapid response you can be assured of minimal downtime and maximum operation.

Telecommunications/Switch Rooms

Mobile communications is expanding at an unprecedented rate worldwide and the industry demands constant 24/7 uptime and maximum connectivity and reception. The need for continuous protection and minimal downtime in the vent of a fire is perfectly suited to our NAF® fire extinguishing systems. With rapid discharge times and solutions that are safe for occupied spaces count on our systems to keep you in business day after day.


Remote locations and continual demand are typical of these installations. Uptime is critical and reliable operation is a must. Our NAF® fire extinguishing systems are designed for reliable, remote operation and can incorporate connected reserve to provide maximum safety and uptime.