MeleculeSafety Hi-Tech has been a pioneer in Clean Agent fire protection technologies and Clean Agent fire extinguishing systems since 1987. Safety Hi-Tech has played an important role in Halon phase out and replacement globally and we quickly gaining an undisputed credibility in this field. Our first patent for a Halon alternative was filed on January 15, 1987, well before the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer entered into force, demonstrating our industry leading capability and our commitment to develop the best possible fire protection available in the market.

Safety Hi-Tech USA was formed to specifically focus on the market needs of our US customers, providing the same level of quality, reliability and safety that we provide on a worldwide basis. Our extensive knowledge of end use applications and codes and regulations, combined with our flexible product range of multiple agents and hardware systems ensures we are able to recommend and provide the best possible solution for your application.
In conjunction with our strategic partner Hudson Technologies, Safety Hi-Tech USA offers fire extinguishing agent reclaim and recycling, allowing us to manage the entire product lifecycle for our customers. Rest easy knowing that if for any reason you need to dispose of your gaseous fire extinguishing system that Safety Hi-Tech USA can reclaim the agent (both Halons and HFC’s), recycle it for future use, and provide you with compensation for the product reclaimed.

Safety Hi-Tech actively participates on numerous international standards, and we are committed to furthering the safety and quality of fire protection systems for special hazard applications globally. We are members of the NFPA 2001 Technical Committee and also have representatives on the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Halon Technical Options Committee (HTOC) Committees, International Standards Organization (ISO) and CEN Working Groups.

Safety Hi-Tech USA’s mission is to provide our customers with products and services that ensure life safety and environmental sustainability through continued investment in advanced technologies, a commitment to quality and a focus on customer service. Safety Hi-Tech USA exclusively supplies products that have been extensively tested to our own internal high quality standards along with testing and approvals by internationally recognized independent testing agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories. This ensures we can guarantee the Quality and Performance of all of our products. We are proud of our contribution to life safety and the passion we put in our work. That’s what we call “Certified Safety Passion”.