Safety Hi-Tech at the INTERSEC 2014 Exhibition, Dubai UAE
11 February 2014

SAFETY HI-TECH successfully participated, also this year, in the 16th edition of Intersec Safety & Security event, which was held on 19th – 21st  January, 2014 in Dubai- UAE. Our participation was aimed at underlining our position as one of the leading manufactures in the field of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems. Our innovative product line includes patented agents, NAF S 125™ and NAF S 227™, available in the Praetorian™ (42 bar) and Centurion™ (25 bar) systems; a new range of inert gas systems, NAF S IG01™, NAF S IG55™, NAF S IG100™, NAF S IG541™ available in the Decurion™ (200 bar) and Tribunus™ (300 bar)  systems, and last but not least our complementary Fire Detection and Agent Release products.

Moreover, we took such an opportunity to highlight a wide range of worldwide recognitions and approvals US EPA, UL Listing, CE Mark (LPCB) and DNV (MED). We embraced the philosophies of technological innovation, environmental sustainability, highest possible quality and customer service. This is what we call “Certified Safety Passion”.