Safety Hi-Tech welcomes agreement on new EU F-Gas Regulation
16 December 2013

Safety Hi-Tech has welcomed the agreement over the F-Gas regulation, saying it gives certainty to the fire industry moving forward and confirms that NAF S 125 and NAF S 227 Fire Extinguishing Systems will protect our customers and the communities in the coming decades. The EU institutions agreed on the world’s most ambitious regulation on F gas use at the first reading deal achieved on 16th December 2013. The draft legislation now has to be approved by Member State Representatives and then formally approved by the European Parliament and Council, before being adopted in early 2014. The final text is based on a phase down scenario that will reduce the amount of F-gases to be placed on the market in the next decades.

 The current EU legislation on F-gases was adopted in 2006 and aims to control emissions of F-gases. It consists of two legislative acts, namely the Directive on mobile air-conditioning systems (MAC) (Directive 2006/40/EC) and the F-gas Regulation (Regulation No 842/2006). The objective of the MAC Directive is to reduce emissions of specific F-gases in the air-conditioning systems in passenger cars. The F-gas Regulation aims to improve the prevention of leaks from equipment containing F-gases. Gianluca Indovino (Managing Director of Safety Hi-Tech S.r.l.): “We are happy about the agreement among EU Institutions. It gives legal certainty to the fire protection industry. In our opinion, this shows once more that in fire protection we cannot do without HFC, they are reliable, safe for both human being and the environment, cost effective and none of the other alternatives offers as much”.

SHT Marketing Team