Safety Hi-Tech, attended the US EPA’s SNAP Workshop for the Fire Protection Sector
06 March 2014

Dear Sir,

Safety Hi-Tech, attended the US EPA’s SNAP Workshop for the Fire Protection Sector on March 5, 2014 in Washington, DC. through the Vice-President of Safety Hi-Tech USA, LLC.

President Obama, through his climate action plan, has asked the EPA, among other things, to use its SNAP authority to transition from high GWP HFCs.  Accordingly, the EPA is looking at all sectors of the A/C, refrigeration and fire sector industries and reviewing SNAP approved alternatives to see if any higher GWP agents should be delisted from approval under SNAP. EPA has held one or more of these workshops in all sectors of the industry and this meeting was the meeting for the Fire Protection sector.

The EPA has announced that it plans to issue two proposed rules by the summer of this year, one of which will be to approve certain flammable HFCs and hydrocarbon products for use in limited refrigeration applications.  The other rule will be to delist certain HFCs in very specific areas:  non-medical and non-technical aerosols, certain foam applications, walk-in cooler applications, and certain supermarket systems. These rules will not affect fire suppression.  These rules will have a 60 days comment period and are not expected to be finalized until the end of this year, at the earliest.

Other than those two rules, the EPA does not appear to have any other specific SNAP action planned, at least for the fire protection sector. 

Our take away from the meeting is:

  • Fire protection is a very small sector of the industry and the emissions are even smaller as a less than 0.1 %
  • EPA does not like to limit choice by disapproving agents where there are not or few viable or feasible alternatives.
  • The industry has done a good job of moving towards better technology and the EPA would prefer for industry to do their job for them.

 Truly Yours,

 SHT Team